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Arguably the best performance was made by Mandy Dassa, taking on multiple characters called to the stand to make witness statements. She offered a high degree of variation and a completely out of left-field performance that really invigorated the crowd.

Voice Mag

Mandy Dassa gives an award-winning, stand-out performance . even with few lines, her silence is supremely telling, her expressive face and eyes speak volumes. Dame Judi Dench could not play this part better.

Mandy Dassa is very funny but also deeply poignant as Mari's downtrodden, monosyllabic sidekick


    What’s On Stage

Ridiculously loud and obnoxiously absolute triumph


   Three Weeks 

Mandy Dassa is very funny and also deeply poignant in little voice.



   Mandy Dassa is wonderful

   The Stage 


    Standing out in every role she plays

    Remote Goat

Mandy is an absolute power house on stage.  Extremely strong stage presence and very alive!  She has near the edge material which she delivers in style.

      Creative Calves Comedy Club

Mandy Dassa is impressively versatile as three different witnesses in the trial (Violet’s statement is out of the blue and very, very funny)

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